Cloth wipes

Cloth Wipes - Hemmed

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Cloth Wipes - Hemmed
Cloth Wipes - Hemmed

Each set comes with 3 X Cloth Wipes

These wipes are made from cotton flannelette, double sided and 100% cotton (even the thread!) which means once they have reached the end of their life, you can cut them up and pop them straight into your compost bin! Woohoo for less waste!

The front side is the design you choose, the back side is a matching block colour. For Topsy Turtles, it's a navy blue. For Pink Ocean it's a baby pink.

Lovely and soft for babies bum - they also work great as face/body wipes.

Size - approximately 20cm by 20cm - as these wipes are individually made, sizes may vary slightly.

Product made in New Zealand.